Iconic Photo of Damian Lillard’s Game-winner Against OKC Thunder

“The eye test” is the principle of judging athletes’ talents and potential based on watching their performances alone. This assessment was accompanied by looking at basic stats: how many assists a player accrued during the playoffs, or how many walks a pitcher threw in the postseason. Stats like these provided a running count of little successes or shortcomings of players’ performances. Now consider this equation:

Liberté, Égalité, and the vivi challenge?”

In 2017, my Islamic Political Thought professor described the safeguarding of privacy as the bedrock upon which regimes can build commitment to human dignity. He discussed how individual privacy and the rigidness with which it is maintained impacts how societies construct ideas of ownership, law, equity, and culture. These topics frame the issues raised by the advent of social media and the use of the data acquired by such apps. How is our social media data used to prohibit ownership of oneself?

Social Media Growth

Social media use across race, gender, and income has…

Eldrich Doyogan

Data Science Student at the Flatiron School / Technical and Non-technical Posts Relating to Data

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